Resto Druid Stat Weights and Links

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Resto Druid Stat Weights and Links

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:29 am

*Note that stat weights will vary heavily based on your goal.  For example, in a Mythic Cenarius 2-add-phase-zerg most members of the raid will be taking roughly even amounts of damage from brambles, which encourages casting Rejuv on everyone in the raid.  On the other hand, mythic+ dungeons are going to heavily favor mastery because of the smaller number of targets to give a Rejuv, Lifebloom, (OOC) Regrowth, Wild Growth, and possibly Germinate, Spring Blossoms, or Cultivate.

Description of how stat weights are calculated:

7.1.5:  A weakaura that attempts to calculate stat weights for resto druids.

For patch 7.1.0:
Raid Stat Weights: Int=1, Haste=0.725, Crit=0.7, Vers=0.65, Mastery=0.60
5man Stat Weights: Int=1, Mastery=0.9, Haste=0.75, Crit=0.70, Vers=0.65

Noxxic:  Intellect [9.07] > Haste [7.57] > Crit [6.07] > Mastery [4.57] > Versatility [3.07]
Rough Stat Weights (Normalized)
Intellect - 1.00
Haste - 0.725
Critical Strike - 0.70
Versatility - 0.65
Mastery - 0.60



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